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Hi everyone,

So wonderful to connect with you at this year’s McNair Promising Practices Institute hosted by the University of Central Florida – big SHOUT OUT to Michael Aldarondo Jeffries for hosting such a lovely (and super useful!) event. We have THE BEST MCNAIR COMMUNITY and I’m thankful to be part of it. Thought I would post resources I shared here for easy access … feel free to reach out with any questions + feedback + ideas … really anything! 

Grad App Tracker >>

Sign up for a free Trello account and email me your username so that I can create a “base” Grad App Tracker board for you that you can tailor to your own needs, share with your students or simply gather ideas from to create your own. Besides using Trello to help manage the graduate school application process, you might wish to explore using it … for just about anything!

Trello is a great tool and we pretty much use it to organize “everything McNair!”

I posted a Grad App Tracker tutorial video HERE that goes over primary features + functionality, but again, feel free to reach out with any questions if you have them.

Grad App Tracker (HANDOUT)

One thing I didn’t mention in the video is that you should definitely DOWNLOAD THE TRELLO APP to go along with things … one of the best parts is being able to keep track of notes and “snippets of information” as you go … having the app on your phone makes that even easier … say your student just finished meeting with a prospective faculty advisor and wants to jot down a few items from their conversation … they can easily do that and post it under a particular school list … and then “tag you” so you can take a quick peek minutes later!

Definitely suggest checking this resource out!


Helping Your Students Make Self-Care Part of Their Academic Journey >>

I’m so excited to be sharing resources on this very important topic that is near + dear to my heart. I think helping our students establish a strong foundation of health + wellness will carry them far, not only in their graduate programs, but in life! 

Please keep me posted on your experiences + successes because I want to hear!

Lynn’s PowerPoint Presentation (PDF)
Strategies For Starting the Conversation
Top Tips for Taking Care of You (HANDOUT)
Simple Habit’s 31-day Meditation Challenge (WEBSITE)
Self-Care Guide for McNair Scholars (PDF)
Jumpstart Your Semester Self-Care (7-DAY VIDEO SERIES)
Jumpstart Your Semester Self-Care (WORKBOOK + WORKSHEETS)

P.S. Be sure to check out Dr. Kevin James’ AWESOME resource for college students too >>
College Unscripted

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