Let self-care fuel your academic success.

I invite you to consider the following.

Are you feeling energetic + excited at the start of each day?
Are you feeling good about the things you have on your plate?
Are you able to focus + make progress toward your goals?

< OR >

Are you feeling tired + maybe a bit overwhelmed when you wake up?
Are you feeling like you have too much going on in your life?
Are you feeling a little scattered + uncertain or like you’re just trying to keep up?

Most important: are you feeling like you barely have any time for YOU in the whole scheme of things?

As busy students, there is always going to be a lot to juggle on a daily basis. You want to do AWESOME in school, enjoy what you’re doing, get your degree and then move on to meaningful work that has impact. Right?

The key is being able to operationalize yourself on a daily basis so that you can do all of these things … without giving yourself a heart attack along the way.

Who feels like they’re got it all under control?

I know for myself, every day is a work in progress. I’m a work in progress. Every day there are challenges. Every day we work hard to cross things off our to do lists, make headway toward our goals and maybe enjoy ourselves in the process.

Bottom line: we’re all a work in progress.

What I’m interested in is helping students GET CLEAR on their personal needs + professional responsibilities so they can create a daily flow that works for them. A daily flow that includes highly focused + productive work time. And time to refresh + reenergize so that “work time” becomes even more fluid, efficient and worthwhile.

The part that usually gets left off the list is the “taking care of you” part.

We all want to do great work and that usually entails challenging ourselves to the limit. But if you think about it, if we all take some time to do the things our minds + bodies need to STAY HEALTHY + STRONG, our “working hours” can become even better. Because we feel better. Clearly, we’re more up to the tasks at hand.

The SECRET: when you start focusing on your well-being, you might even find you can work less because you are working smarter.

It boils down the choices we make every day. Some days are easier to prioritize ourselves than others and that’s okay. It’s when we consistently keep ourselves “last on our list” because “everything else” seems more pressing + important.

The key is helping our students be present enough to notice what they need to feel good AND EVEN THRIVE on a daily basis. Too often we are in the “motion of doing” and not paying attention to how we are actually feeling. Being still long enough to start connecting the dots and figuring out what we need to feel good is the first step.

From there, we build habits. We start small. Experiment with what works. We begin to see how our choices about “when + how we work” impact how the work gets done, how well we do the work and and how that work is actually impacting our life, as well as our academic record.

Building in foundational self-care practices, simple things like eating breakfast, taking an afternoon walk, meeting a friend for coffee, making sure you get at least 7 – 8 hours of sleep, is key to feeling + performing our best each day.

So if we “already know the answer” why can’t we make this happen for ourselves more times than not?

I’m not sure, but I’m intent on exploring solutions. After working with low income, first generation college students and underrepresented students for over a decade, I’m convinced that helping our students make self-care a priority, and a reality, in their daily flow is key to academic success and more.

The beauty is … developing this kind of mindset and skill set while in school, will continue to benefit us as we progress in our careers and lives many years to come.

Let’s start this conversation, shall we?

Oh by the way, I created a little webinar to help get us going >>

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lmc ❤