Welcome to the 2023 Graduate School Preparation Camp!

McNair boot camp has a long history of training scholars on how to successfully apply to and secure fully funded Ph.D. program offers. This is a very special opportunity for you to engage with and learn from experts around the country who are highly invested in your success. You are McNair. We need your voice and we need your contributions. We need you to thrive so that you can do the important work you are meant to do. This camp is your foundation for exploring and finding graduate programs that will fit your interests and vision for your future.

It’s a process, one that is filled with twists and turns. Making the most of this opportunity, showing up for each session ready to engage, taking notes and supporting your fellow McNair scholars in this process will make this journey even more special. Take what this camp has to offer, make it your own and secure those admission offers!


Use this tag to share your growth, evolution and journey this summer + beyond!

Be sure to sign up for a Trello account @ www.trello.com and then shoot me an email at lynn.curry@cmich.edu with your username if you would like me to send you to a *customizable* GRAD APP TRACKER BOARD that you can then tailor for your own use.

Download the Trello app too! You’ll love it!


Email me by September 1 and tell me that your ESSENTIALS are complete!

Can’t wait to hear about your success!

Extra goodies!

Here is a video of me interviewing one of our CMU McNair Ph.D. graduates – Dr. Freddy Lee – he shares about his experiences as a graduate student at Indiana University and how his McNair experience helped get him situated on the path to the Ph.D.

He’s now a senior scientist researching honey bees at Invaio – click HERE to learn more!

Lots of great insights and tips on how best to proceed, as well as demonstrating what is possible with hard work and dedication toward your goals.


And here’s an UPDATE from Freddy!

Scholar Well-Being

Taking care of you is one of the most important things you can do to help yourself thrive academically. Supporting students in well-being is my passion and because I love McNair scholars, I would like to invite you to join me for the Summer Grad Prep Workshop Series starting June 5th – it’s an opportunity for you to reflect upon + recalibrate your well-being in prep for the fall. The series is housed in an online portal which includes a special community of students + staff dedicated to prioritizing themselves and supporting one another in this important journey of exploration and actualization of our well-being.

You also get immediate access to my signature mini-course on Becoming Mindful training your mind to focus will help you in so many ways – it will help you do your work BETTER and it will help you cultivate greater self-awareness. It will help you manage stress, anxiety and overwhelm.

Learning how to meditate will help you spend more time in the present moment.

Would love for you to be part of it. ✨